the start

And here I am. Sitting at my iMac, R.E.M. playing softly in the background and my pedestal fan on the highest setting in a vain attempt to remove the heat left over from a 40 degree day.

One week ago I was in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I was part of TEAR Australia group that travelled to Nepal to visit development projects that TEAR help fund. 3 weeks, of traveling all over the country and learning the history, hearing the stories, and meeting the people that I have been advocating for over the last few years.

And what do I think?

I don’t know.

After one of my most confronting and challenging days in Nepal, I went back to my incredibly comfortable hotel room, and opened the form of escapism I had bought along with me. Not the Bible, not the latest Donald Miller, but The Secret History by Donna Tartt. A slightly morbid and depressing form of escapism, but to each his own I suppose. It was there that I came across a particularly relevant paragraph about the processing period. It went something like this:

Some things are too terrible to grasp at once. Other things – naked, sputtering, indelible in their horror – are too terrible to really ever grasp at all. It is only later, in solitude, in memory, that realisation dawns: when the ashes are cold; when the mourners have departed; when one looks around and finds  oneself – quite to ones surprise – in an entirely different world.

I think this is me at the moment.

As part of my response to what I saw and heard in Nepal, I am starting this blog. Once a week I will post something of what I’ve learnt, a story I’ve heard, or just the general frustrations of living within (and actually kind of loving) a culture that seems just so opposite to God’s Kingdom. A place where no-one goes hungry, no-one is oppressed or mistreated, a place where poverty (in all of it’s different forms) does not exist.

Hopefully this place is as informative, and helpful for you as it is for me!



2 Comments on “the start”

  1. catjohnstone says:

    beautifully said. and a great idea (doesn’t hurt that you also took one of my favourite books to Nepal with you!). x cat

  2. Dusk says:

    Looking forward to going on the journey with you! Beautiful reflection. A place I know so well.

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