no guilt

I feel like such a mess right now. Just all over the place. Putting together a coherent thought is hard. So please bear with me!

Over the last six months I’ve really been working through this sense of pressure and obligation I have to do everything right, whether that’s in a Church context or just life . I have to help run things. I have to live a certain way. I have to act a certain way. I have to buy certain things.

I’m starting to see how ridiculous this is.

I am twenty one. TWENTY ONE. Whatever happened to having fun? Just relaxing. Being a bit stupid.

I feel like at Church, our generation are all carrying this sense of ‘we have to change the world’. Which is great, but also kind of intense. There is so much pressure for us to live up to good Christian standards and set ways of doing things.

You love God? You have any sort of semblance of leadership? Great! Help us lead youth group! Run a small group! Lead worship!

I should clarify that I am aware that people are called to these things. Everyone has different paths and different journeys. And it’s great that the Church is really open to providing space for young people to grow in this. But however unintentionally this idea is being broadcast, it is still there. It’s like we go from 18 years old and in youth group, to 30 running events and groups for people only a few years our junior. There’s no room for making mistakes and mucking around. We have a reputation to keep up. Where did our 20s go? Suddenly we’re all married, driving sensible cars and going to bed at sensible hours.

Oh dear. This is turning into a rant. Let’s try again.

Your twenties is the season in life where you can relax, we’re not going to have this much total freedom forever. Responsibilities will come. And I don’t mean the kind that you can cram for and finish in one night. Full time work, mortgages, families, bills and grocery shopping that doesn’t involve a large percentage of bacon and chocolate is on the horizon.

Have a few drinks, go to a gig and have a dance, road trip, go for a drive at three in the morning, stay up all night and sleep all day. Have real fun!  Whatever that means to you.

God wants us to enjoy life right?



One Comment on “no guilt”

  1. Marita says:

    Love it.

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