Aged 8

And it’s Sunday again so it’s time for yet another wonderfully insightful post.

I promise not to rant this time.

I miss this. I miss walking up stairs to the top of buildings and seeing a whole other world. People reading, cooking, eating, doing homework,  doing washing, drying grain. I miss seeing new things. Hearing new sounds. Learning new words. It makes me think of this quote from Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle.

Ladies and Gentlemen. I stand before you today because I never stopped dawdling like an eight year old on a spring morning on his way to school. Anything can make me stop and look and wonder, and sometimes learn. I am a very happy man. Thank you.

It’s so easy to do this, to be amazed in a country or place so different from your own. I remember some Nepalese men and women laughing at a few of us on my trip who were fascinated by what turned out to be goat feed.

I miss feeling like that here, like an eight year old. Everything here is same old same old at the moment.

I don’t know what this post is about really. I was just flicking through some photos and then this happened. Maybe this is just something I need to be thinking about this week. Maybe you can think about it too. Hopefully this post isn’t completely useless. Ha.



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