Ah. Sorry I skipped last week. I was at the Surrender conference for the weekend and I had neither the metal capacity or the physical capacity to write a post. I was mildly exhausted.

My current status has not changed unfortunately, and mentally I can’t seem to hold on to a single thought for more than thirty seconds.

God. Love. Bookman Old Style. Objectification of women. Action. I really love Lykke Li. Incarnational. Reconciliation. Stories. Sharing. The West Wing. Immanence. Life. Grow. Change. Honesty. Newness. Work. Different.

Gah. My mind. Crazy.

I don’t really know where to go or what to say now. But I can say that I got excited this past weekend. I got excited and I got angry and I wanted to do something. I’ll go into that more when I can focus my attention fully and don’t have an assignment tugging on the back of my mind.


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