…and I’m back. Sorry for not posting in a million years. I’ll be back properly soon I promise! I’ve just been experiencing a lack of things to say and too much uni homework.

I had the opportunity to share my experience of Nepal, which I hadn’t really done yet and now I’m wishing I had done it earlier. So therapeutic.

I’m realising how blessed I’ve been this semester with my course. I was worried that when I came back from Nepal, I would end up separating that experience from my real life. Fortunately for me, God hasn’t let me do that! In one of my design subjects we talked about Advocacy and Design, the Developing World and Design, Sustainability and Design, and the Environment and Design. We also had a class about the lovely Michel Gondry, who I want to be friends with, but that doesn’t really relate to Nepal.

It seemed that in terms of Uni I haven’t really been able to escape these issues. I’ve also written an essay and learnt all about postmodernism, a discourse that I simultaneously am very grateful to, and hate vehemently.

I’ve learnt a lot, I’m a lot more aware of how this ridiculous Western culture that I kind of love and hate works, and now I’m not really sure where I am. I still trust that this course is what I’m meant to be doing for the next year and a half, but that’s all I know. Meshing my Nepal experience and my uni life with my home life is becoming increasingly difficult. And working out that tension between who I am and who most people know me to be is still a process I’m going through.

So messy.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated. And I mean that. This blog is such a good space for me to process and think. There is something exciting about having a big blank page in front of you where you can write and create anything. Where you’re able to place a tiny fraction of yourself.  I’ll stop myself before I get too Jonathan Safran Foer. But, yes, writing is pretty excellent.


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