More time

A break.

At last.

It’s a time for reading. A time for dreaming. A time for making. A time for doing all of those things that I craved during the semester.

Unfortunately all I have done is sit on a couch and become highly addicted to Bones.

A great show that I really recommend watching if you want your life to be sucked away from you and your thoughts to revolve around how to solve bizarre and often revolting murder cases.

Little by little I have attempted to become more and more productive. By that I mean, get away from the television.

So far I have baked Red Velvet cupcakes, slightly rearranged my new room, gone out to dinner, read a Bond novel (which was hilarious by the way), made felt flowers…and now I am becoming really depressed by how little I have to show for my holidays so far. Damn you David Boreanaz.

I need to get inspired again. Watch some Wes Anderson’s, draw more, discover new music, buy some new stationary, play with my handwriting, go to a gallery, write more.

Sorry for the randomness, but this is me hoping that a self-berating post will pressure me to actually do something.

Hurrah! Holidays!


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