How to avoid things…

Hello all (yes all you hoards of people who read my blog)…

This may not be the groundbreaking, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life, kind of blog, but I am in the mood for procrastinating and am subjecting all of you devoted readers out there to my ramblings about things that I’m sure will make no sense.

I just spent an extraordinarily long time reading a blog called Food Coma, and no, I am not a big “cooking” kind of person. But I do quite like reading.

And Emma, the author of this blog is rather charming. No, she is not the next Steinbeck or Vonnegut, but she makes me laugh. A lot. And I really love to read, and hear about people who make careers out of the things they love. And plenty of Clueless and Winona references, because I just love Winona.

Anyway. What am I saying?

I’m saying that I am enjoying some parts of my course. SOME. Because Package Design can just go and die. But Branding and Identity is wonderful. I spent hours on PINTEREST last night. FOR AN ASSIGNMENT. Wow.

This is what it looked like. How excellent. And funnnnn!

Hmmm…I should eat/actually do the homework I’ve been meaning to do all day.

But I will leave you with a quote I found in one of my text books that I quite liked the sound of.

Printed materials should be allowed to affect thought patterns, facilitate problem solving, and, in general, penetrate the “life of the mind.”

Elizabeth E. Eisenstein.

Au revoir, my lovely readers x


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