in this city

We talked about faith in church today and about getting into the Word of God. Which got me thinking about Nepal again.

Here are some fun little facts about the church in Nepal:
*There have only been reports of Christians in Nepal from the 1960s.
*By the 1970s there where at least 3000 Christians.
*Until 1990, Christians in Nepal were severely persecuted.
*Today there are somewhere between 500 000 – 1 000 000 Christians.


When I was over there I had the privilege of visiting two Nepali churches. The first was a ‘mega church’, the other was held in a shed with about 4o people attending. One of the sounds I can still recall fairly easily from Nepal is the sound of hundreds of Nepali men and women singing the worship song ‘God of this City’ in their native tongue. It was beautiful and seemed so much more meaningful coming from them. The chorus of this song is:

For greater things have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done in this City
Greater thing have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done in this City

Chris Tomlin

Such a powerful song to sing in a city and country that is so effected by poverty. And country where Christians are still being persecuted for their beliefs.In fact the whole bible seems so much more relevant in Developing Nations. We saw some of the stories and parables in the Bible being acted out. Lowering someone through the roof of a home seems so much more plausible when a roof just consists of tin foil, rocks and mud! Context is such an important part of understanding God’s word.

So how does this all relate to the message this morning? I think I was just reflecting on the different emphasis put on the Gospel in the Western World compared to the Developing World. It seems over here we struggle so much to maintain faith, whereas over there it is what they rely on. They rely on God to provide for them and their families. To save them from the poverty that is taking over Nepal. Here we have easy access to everything. And the illusion that we can manage on our own is easily maintained in a world where you can sit at a computer and order anything from food, to furniture. Because we have the tangible stuff covered. The spiritual stuff is easier to ignore or avoid.

It just interesting I guess. That different focus of message. If I didn’t have homework nagging in the back of my brain, I’d probably explore that a little more today.